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Special Procedures

Ko'olau Radiology offers a wide variety of interventional procedures including biopsies, cyst aspirations, and drainage of fluid collections in the chest, abdomen and subcutaneous tissues. Interventional procedures may be preceded by diagnostic scans.  Because of the wide variety of procedures that may be performed, the time may vary from 30 to 90 minutes.  Certain procedures, such as biopsies of deep abdominal organs, aspiration of fluid collections in the chest, and certain other procedures may necessitate a post-procedure observation period of 1 to 3 hours to ensure patient well-being.  X-ray examinations following certain drainage procedures may also be necessary.

There may be some pain associated with these procedures.  Many can be performed with local anesthesia, (similar to Novocaine used by dentists).  More involved procedures may require administration of painkillers and/or anti anxiety medications.  The most involved procedures may involve insertion of a small intravenous line and monitoring by our radiology staff in order to administer medications intravenously.  Every effort is made to minimize any discomfort during the procedure.

In general, it is preferred to avoid eating solid food and liquids other than water for 6 to 8 hours prior to the examination.  Routine medications may be taken.  If you are diabetic, consult with your doctor regarding insulin dose or dosage of oral agents. Following the procedure you may have some mild soreness, but generally, this is relatively minimal.  If medications have been administered, you may feel somewhat drowsy during the recovery period and you should make arrangements for a companion to accompany you and bring you home after the observation period, since the operation of machinery such as driving should be avoided for several hours after the procedure.

The results of the scans will be available to your physician within 48 hours Following the examination.  If biopsies, cultures or other tests are performed on the material obtained during the ultrasound interventional procedure, these results may take 2 to 3 days to be completed.  You may call your doctor to obtain the results.

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