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Ko'olau Radiology, Inc
All exams, with the exception of annual screening mammograms, must have a signed requisition form from an ordering physician.  Appointments may be made by calling (808) 599-4471.  Every effort will be made to schedule patients on the date and time requested.  Occasionally, because of crowded schedules or patient preference, exams normally performed in the morning hours can be scheduled in the afternoon.  

Many examinations must be scheduled in advance because of essential patient preparations such as diet restrictions, bowel cleansing, bladder filling, pre medications and pre examination laboratory tests.  Under emergent circumstances, circumventing the usual preparation procedures may be possible for the welfare of the patients.  Our well trained Ko'olau staff will advise the patient of the best preparation and procedures available.  Bowel cleansing kits and oral contrast liquid prescriptions may be picked up at the front desk.  Instructions for patient preparations will be given and explained.

Hours per exam type as follows:

Mammography    7:30 -4:30 M-F         8:00-11:30 Sat

Ultrasound            7:00 -4:00 M-F        8:00-11:30 Sat

CT Scan                8:30-4:30 M-F          9:00-11:30 Sat

Fluoroscopy          9:00-3:30 M-F         9:00-11:30 Sat 

General X-Ray     7:30 -5:00 M-F        8:00-12:00 Sat